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I was born in Deerfield, Kansas on February 27, 1967. Deerfield is way out in the southwest corner of Kansas, close to Colorado and Oklahoma. Deerfield is NOT in the middle of nowhere, but it is a just short drive away. I went to grade school and high school there. I liked to read a lot and play games and write programs on the Apple II+ computer. In 1985 I moved to Kansas City, Missouri to go to college at DeVry Institute of Technology. I moved into an apartment with 3 complete strangers, but we all became friends and one of them, Gregg, is still one of my best friends.  I worked part-time at K-mart, then at UPS (10pm - 3am shift), and then a job at SRO Video through which I met a number of friends who are still my best friends today, like Kelly and Jeff.

Eventually I graduated from college (in 2 years, 8 months - June 1988) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems and got a good job at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. The Fed was a good place to work and I stayed there for 7 years. They have great benefits and it would be a good place to retire from, but I wanted to be challenged more so I left and went to work as a Technical Trainer at Empower Trainers & Consultants, Inc. I had always wanted to be a teacher and I really enjoyed it and got great reviews from my students. That was most satisfying; I loved providing the students with more than they expected and helping them to truly understand the concepts.

After a couple of years at Empower, I decided to work for a friend of mine at Advanced Technology Solutions. I helped develop the web site, and did a lot of consulting with the wonderful people at GBA on the Master Series Project. After 3 years I went to work for some other friends at another small consulting company in Lee's Summit called KCX, where I am now.

I taught an evening class in early '97 at DeVry Institute of Technology and plan to do so again. I completed a Masters Degree in Project Management at Keller Graduate School in April 2001. I also co-authored a couple of books on SQL Server 7.0 in 1997.

I work out regularly by doing aerobics, and lifting weights at Xtreme Fitness and Gymnastics in Lee's Summit.

I enjoy traveling. I have been to Mexico, Germany, France, England, Italy, Canada and around much of the U.S. I plan to go to Greece, Israel, and Egypt. I usually go on a camping trip every summer. My most relaxing vacation is my annual trip to Panama City Beach Florida with my friend Beth and her many friends and family. We always stay at the Sugar Sands hotel. I highly recommend it.

I enjoy plays (I have season tickets to Starlight, UMKC Rep, and American Heartland Theater, operas(season tickets to the Lyric), and sports (Chiefs, Royals, Blades, Wizards).

I married Lisa Dvorak on April 10th, 2005!