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Professional Business References

  • Joe Petersen - Supervisor at Olsten Health Services (Contact me for his #)
  • Don Pinkston - Supervisor while consulting at GBA Master Series (www.gbams.com)
  • Andre Player - Co-worket at Empower Trainers & Consultants (Contact me for his #)
  • Janet Vaughn - Co-worker at Federal Reserve Bank (Contact me for her #)
  • John Alexander - Co-worker at Empower Trainers & Consultants (Contact me for his #)
  • Vicky Logan - Co-worker at Advanced Technology Solutions (Contact me for her #)

Character References (they know me well)

  • Sean Howe - Friend since college (Contact me for his #)
  • Gregg Riess - Friend and longtime roommate (Contact me for his #)
  • Ray Jagels - Friend since college (Contact me for his #)
  • Jeff Welch - Friend since college (Contact me for his #)
  • Kelly Meyers - Friend since college (Contact me for her #)
  • Michelle Smedley - Friend and co-worker at Fed (Contact me for her #)
  • Paige Cahill - Friend and co-worker at Empower (Contact me for her #)

Volunteer References

  • Joan Dougherty - Volunteer coordinator at Rose Brooks (Call 816.523.5550)
  • Amber Bourek - Volunteer coordinator at Hope House (Call 816.461.4188)
  • Mark Smith - Former Director of Operations at CAPA (Call 816.252.8388)
  • Brenda Sharpe - Former Executive Director at Sunflower House (Contact me for her #)
  • Palle Rillinger - Executive Director at MOCSA (Call 816.931.4527)